KCTV 5 investigates how to beat red-light cameras

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Getting a ticket for blowing through an intersection monitored by red-light cameras is a judgment call, says KCTV 5 with a really good report on how it all works behind the scenes.

The TV station reports that 57 percent of red-light runners (8,000 drivers) have beaten the system.

Ultimately if the driver runs a red light, KCTV5 found that the

person’s fate is decided with the click of a mouse. An officer either

clicks “accept” or “decline” and a $113 ticket is either issued or not.

KCTV5 discovered that if it’s close, the officers making the decision

were more likely to give the driver the benefit of the doubt.

Still, I’m anxious every time I get on Southwest Trafficway.

Also, if your tags don’t match the description of your vehicle, then you’re not getting a ticket. And don’t bother with sprays that claim they can beat the cameras by blurring your plates. KCTV 5 says they don’t work.

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