KCMO City Council passes ordinances allowing restaurants and bars to establish street cafes, effective immediately

City will waive fees for temporary permits
Council Vote

Screenshot from the Council Vote. // via livestream.

City Council passed a series of ordinances today that will allow bars and restaurants to file for a permit enabling them to establish street cafes in the parking spaces and parking lots outside of their establishments.

Championed by Councilpersons Andrea Bough and Eric Bunch with co-introduction by Mayor Quinton Lucas, the ordinances passed with 11, 11, and 12 votes. Amended to take effect immediately, businesses can begin applying for permits with fees waived during the COVID-19 emergency, and they will not need to be renewed every 90 days. Businesses with current liquor licenses will be allowed to set up tables and chairs in parking spaces and lots outside, and will not require barricades. The goal is to allow more space for businesses to serve more customers in a safer environment.

You can read the full text of the ordinances here, here, and here, and stay tuned for updates on how to acquire the permits.

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