KC food that was meant to be cannonballs

It’s not every day that your editor asks you what food in Kansas City would yield the best results if placed inside a cannon and fired at him. Inspired by the viral sensation of watching hipsters in Portland pelted with a cupcake cannon — hipster lovers and haters can rejoice at the baked-goods carnage — I put together a list of potential projectiles.

While I don’t yet possess an air cannon, I’ve got a feeling if I called Stretch over at Grinders he could solve that half of the equation. As for my food-based cannonballs, the candidates follow: 

Sweet Guy Italian Ice Cream — 24 flavors means that we’ll have ammo the color of the rainbow, and ice cream’s softness guarantees a certain splat factor.

Garozzo’s Ristorante Meatballs — These might be the closest to actual cannonballs in Kansas City. They could add the element of danger or at least take a hipster down a peg.

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