KC DIY Radio Rules the Universe

I find myself behind the punk curve yet again.

In addition to being all revamped, with a comprehensive calendar of underground events and a forum, KCDIY.org offers a hardcore punk podcast that is totally, unequivocally kick ass.

KC DIY Radio is the same broadcast that hosts Ben Smith of the band Dark Ages and Justin Betterton of BBS Records play at 1 a.m. on Tuesday mornings on 90.1 KKFI FM. The last time I ran into Smith, which was some First Friday back in early fall, he probably told me he was doing a podcast in addition to the show, and I, fool that I am, was at that moment or would shortly become too crunk to retain the information past the end of the night.

My loss is now my gain. I know this is going to come as a complete surprise to you, but I really don’t listen to punk that much. I was never really inculcated into hardcore. In fact, I was raised by a community of Andean flute musicians in the tourist-trap town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. But now, as we all deal with the realities econaclypse, we need more than ever righteously enraged-and-loving-it doses of German, Japanese and Italian punk (program #6: “The Axis Powers”); of songs that celebrat the working-class British youth (#11: “Yobs”); of music from the greatest gay hardcore bands (#20: “Homosexuals”); and the like.

So join with me, brothers and sisters punk and not-punk, in subscribing to KC DIY Radio, and let’s think twice before hitting “skip” on the radio dial come pledge time at KKFI.

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