KC Couture


The four-year-old Tomboy design studio is so-called because owner and creator Laura McGrew’s philosophy on clothing stems from a childhood of keeping up with her two brothers. Hence, her natural aversion to the frillier side of fashion. Tonight at 7, however, McGrew shows off her couture dresses during a fashion show
featuring models from Hoffman International and makeup by Bijin. “There will be around 10 dresses that are contemporary but vintage,” McGrew explains. All of the dresses will be available by special order, including a dupioni dress, cut ’50s style, with a modern bubble skirt added. There will also be a few items available that are more true to her tomboy sensibilities. McGrew touts the high-waisted Hepburn pant, for instance, which for its slimming effect: “You lose 10 pounds instantly with a high waist.” McGrew has two new outfits for men, too — a silk suit and a casual look. Tomboy is located at 1817 McGee. Call 816-472-6200 for more information.


Fri., Aug. 31, 7 p.m.