Katy’s Open Letter to McGriddle Arrowhead Stadium


Here I was about to write about the cheapening of the name of Arrowhead Stadium when I came across this well-put version of the same idea at the blog See Katy Write. The author, local magazine editor Katy Ryan, laments about the fact that the Chiefs want to “besmirch the name of the greatest football stadium in the nation” by naming it after a sponsor.

Do you seriously expect me to hold a stadium named after some blood-sucking corporate entity in the same esteem as the hallowed Arrowhead? And your compromise is to keep the original name somewhere in the title. Super. I can’t wait until I attend my first game at McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger Arrowhead Stadium.

Ryan gives cred to her stance with her own tales of suffering through “the cold, the snow, the rain, the heat,” only to see the team flounder. She even backed up her premise with a photo to prove she’s been through the worst.

Yep, that photo says it all. Nobody wants to wear ear muffs to Double Cheeseburger Arrowhead.

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