Kansas job numbers not so hot in new BLS report

Some casual Friday numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ July 2015 report:

*Kansas lost 4,300 jobs last month — third-worst in the nation over that span. 
*Missouri added 11,900 jobs in that same time. 

*Missouri has added 38,400 jobs in the last year — a middle of the pack number, the 28th best in the nation
*In that same time, Kansas has added only 5,600 jobs — the 45th best gain (or, one might say, sixth-worst) in the nation. 

Are these grim stats cause for concern? Hell, no, says Missouri politics billionaire puppetmaster Rex Sinquefield. Kansas’ massive tax cuts are working, Rex says. Let’s get some of that action to cross the State Line into the Show-Me State, Rex says. 

What are you looking at? DON’T LOOK OVER HERE. 

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