Kansas City Strip

All burned out: William Prann isn’t so hot after all. Though People magazine recently named the Kansas City banker one of the country’s most eligible bachelors (Kansas City Strip, July 13), Playgirl isn’t likely to be calling in the near future. Eligible bachelorettes might not be, either.

People‘s Web site followed up its July 10 print edition by asking readers, “Is he hot or not?” — and Mr. Prann turned into Mr. Yawn. People‘s Web cruisers cast 72 percent of their votes (9,672) for Prann in the “not” category; only 27 percent (3,666) thought he was dreamy. Our Kansas City boy had an online approval rating lower than the middle-age corn farmer from Iowa.

(Iowans, however, should be proud of 50-year-old hottie Clyde Hoyt, of Corning, who came in ahead of Prann with a 38 percent heat index. Hoyt told People he likes to meet women by cutting the rug at weekend dances. We’ll just call him the Electric Clyde.)

Overall, life after People doesn’t look so romantic for Heartland heartthrobs. “It’s not that much different, actually,” says former Lawrence resident Lou Montulli, named People‘s Sexiest Internet Mogul last year (his online approval rating, by the way, was 34 percent hot, 65 percent not). “I did quite a few press interviews and had some definitely strange e-mail. Most of it was pretty subdued. I had an unlisted number.” Montulli dropped out of Kansas State University several years ago to help start Netscape; he spoke with us from the northern California office of the online shopping guide Epinions.com, which he also helped launch.

Though he’s six hours short of his degree in computer science and electrical engineering, Montulli says he got a wonderful education at K-State: “I went to school to learn. I didn’t go to specifically get a piece of paper.”

Neither, apparently, did Lisa Suellentrop, a 23-year-old “graduate student” from Kansas City, Kansas, who was named Cosmopolitan‘s “Fun, Fearless Female” for the month of August. A “huge Chiefs fan,” Suellentrop tells Cosmo that “attending home games is a social high point, and the wild tailgate parties outside Arrowhead Stadium are always a prime place to scope men. After football season, the scene moves indoors. My friends and I frequent Barley’s Brewhaus. We play pool and sample the 99 different beers on tap.”

Memo to William Prann: Douse your naked torso with body paint, grow a mullet, and head to the parking lot, dude.

Y’all come back now: Democrat Bob Holden, who’s running for Missouri governor, felt the heat on Monday morning. During a tour of the 39th and Prospect neighborhood led by councilman Troy Nash, Holden came across fiesty activist Anna Mae Towner. “Are you going to help us?” Towner asked Holden bluntly. Pausing with a smile, Holden mentally regrouped and said, “Every year I’m governor, I’ll come back and visit you personally.” Towner then asked, “What street are you on now?” Before Holden could sweat any bullets, though, someone from his entourage announced, “38th and Agnes.”Who’s hot and who’s not.

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