Kansas City streetcar lawsuit dismissed

  • The lawsuit aimed at the streetcar has been derailed.

Jackson County judge Peggy Stevens McGraw dismissed a lawsuit Friday that sought to halt construction of the downtown streetcar line. Property owners Sue Ann Burke and Jeffrey Rumaner (aka Stretch, the guy who owns Grinders) sued and argued that the funding methods approved by the voters who live along the streetcar line were unconstitutional. The suit also said the streetcar transportation taxing district should not have been formed, because another TDD is already in place in the area.

The vote to create the TDD was somewhat controversial because only people who lived along the two-mile line were allowed to vote to raise taxes to pay for it. Only 549 people cast ballots. McGraw basically said Rumaner and Burke filed suit too late to stop the line. State law says legal challenges to elections must be filed within 30 days of when the election is certified. Burke and Rumaner didn’t file until 50 days after the election. You can read the ruling here.

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