Kansas City Star rejects ad from abortion-rights group

The Kansas City Star this week rejected online advertising from a group that works to protect abortion providers from harassment and violence.

The Feminist Majority Foundation has launched a campaign in response to anti-abortion activism that will take place in Wichita in the coming days. Operation Save America, a Texas-based Christian fundamentalist group, has planned a week of activities to mark the 25th anniversary of the Summer of Mercy, when nearly 2,700 people were arrested in Wichita staging sit-ins and blocking access to clinics.

The Feminist Majority Foundation has issued what it calls a “warning to Wichita residents about the influx of anti-abortion groups.” The foundation also encourages Kansans to demand that Gov. Sam Brownback “denounce the groups’ inflammatory and dangerous tactics.”

The foundation notes that Wichita abortion provider George Tiller was a focus of the Summer of Mercy protests. Tiller was murdered in his church by an anti-abortion extremist in 2009. 

The campaign includes digital ads running in The Wichita Eagle that ask: “When Did the Right to Life Become the Right to Terrorize?” The Feminist Majority Foundation sought to place the same ads in the digital edition of The Kansas City Star as well. But Katherine Spillar, executive director of the Feminist Majority Foundation, says the ads were rejected by Tony Berg, the Star‘s publisher.

The Pitch has asked Berg for comment, and will update this post when he replies. 

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