Kansas City Royals vs. Oakland

Used to be that Sluggerrr had the only raging mullet in Kauffman Stadium’s home dugout. But there’s a new man in town with business in the front and party in the back. Manager Trey Hillman brings his bi-level to Kansas City, along with a whole lot of optimism for the youngsters that dominate his lineup. Names like Gordon, Butler and Greinke aren’t new to any long-suffering Royals fan, but this year they’re actually playing like they deserve our optimism. KC even started the season in first place, and while that likely won’t happen again, here’s hoping for a little luck of the mullet. Tickets run $9-$36 for regular games or $14 to $44 when somebody good comes to town. Call 800-676-9257.

Sept. 2-4, 2008