Kansas City Public Library partners with Strawberry Week for Flowvember

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Courtesy of Strawberry Week

Over the past year, Kansas City Public Library has offered a supply of free menstruation products in their restrooms in collaboration with Strawberry Week, a nonprofit addressing period poverty in our community. The organization provides menstrual products across the metro area and has supplied the library with upwards of 22,500-period products since their partnership began. 

Next month, KCPL is participating in Flowvember, a month-long menstrual product drive to assist with donation efforts. The library will accept boxes of liners, pads, tampons, and menstrual cups in designated bins across all 10 locations. Last year’s Flowvember drive accumulated 8,813 individual period supplies through community donations. 

Period poverty is a public health issue impacting menstruators across the metro. Due to high prices and the “pink tax,” the items are unaffordable to many individuals. Consistent availability of period products in library restrooms allows patrons to feel secure in their access and helps destigmatize menstruation in public settings.

The library will be accepting menstruation supply donations at all locations Nov. 1-30.

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Courtesy of Kansas City Public Library

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