Kansas City Chiefs fan knocks Baltimore Ravens fan the f’ out (video)

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley took issue with the Baltimore Ravens running up the score at the end of Friday night’s preseason game. The final score was 31-13, and Haley let Ravens coach John Harbaugh know he wasn’t pleased during the post-game handshake. This isn’t the first time Haley has used the handshake to air his grievances (as ex-Denver coach Josh McDaniels knows all too well).

Haley wasn’t the only one at odds with the good folks in Baltimore. The guy on the left in the video above is apparently a Chiefs fan. He also had words with a few Ravens fans. But the Chiefs fan didn’t stop with words and threw down in a one-on-three fight. The Chiefs fan dropped one Ravens fan before getting swarmed. The guy showed more offensive firepower than the Chiefs have so far.

H/t: Deadspin.

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