Kansans: Your next governor is praying to end health-care reform

Future Kansas Gov. and current U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback prayed yesterday to kill health-care reform. For real. Brownback got a seat at the Family Research Council’s table during yesterday’s 60-minute “prayercast” (Brownback is introduced at the 17:47 mark).

Even as pornstached Lou Engle

called on the people in the room to stand and pray, Brownback clung to

his seat like someone was going to steal it. (Sam, just call “quack,

quack seat back.”)

Brownback’s role in all of this was to talk about abortion, because it’s all about the babies.

“It’s a real tragedy because abortion’s not health care,” Brownback said.

The “tragedy” is that Brownback would align himself with Lou “sexual insanity” Engle, who has encouraged Christian martyrdom, and a preacher named Harry Jackson, who claims gays are satanic. Check out the Rachel Maddow video for a quick briefing on them.

Brownback and Sen. Jim DeMint made it clear that they don’t want the government running health care. You know, like the care they get as senators.

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