Junior Brown

Junior Brown’s voice is rich enough to buy a mansion in the Mariana Trench, but that isn’t the most extraordinary aspect of the country artist’s music. He’s also a terrific guitar player. Brown sports a custom rig that he calls the Guit-Steel: a double-necked instrument that combines lap-steel and electric guitar and allows him to switch styles within the same song. His six studio albums are just as versatile, veering from traditional honky-tonk and Bakersfield country to Chicago blues and rootsy rock and roll. (Given his big vocals and traditionalist vibe, it’s appropriate that he stood in for Waylon Jennings as the narrator of the Dukes of Hazzard movie.) His country tunes showcase a lighthearted wit, with Brown worrying what his jealous wife will think when he finally returns home after time spent “Broke Down South of Dallas” or calling a fugitive ex-flame in “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead.”

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