It’s funny what a difference a little verb can make. Jump was known as Jump, Little Children for more than a decade before it decided to abort everything but the verb and get rid of that troublesome comma once and for all. The name change also served as a sort of symbolic cleansing for the band as it left behind the past and forged ahead with Between the Dim & the Dark. And the new album is consistent, but you have to wonder if that’s such a good thing — infusing variety and volleying across genre lines were the very things that won Jump an obsessed following to begin with. Thankfully, the stellar melodies, stirring vocals and strings that make you want to collapse remain unchanged, though the album begins forebodingly with “Dim and the Dark” and subsequent songs prove similarly dark and angry. “Requiem” casually declares, We don’t sing the same song anymore/And now you’re offering this silence, which serves as a telling commentary on the newfound discontent many loyal fans have expressed with the band’s new direction.

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