Joy Wok Buffet reopens six months after fire

One of Johnson County’s busiest (and least expensive) Chinese buffet restaurants, Joy Wok Super Buffet and Hibachi Grill, at 11920 Metcalf, reopened last week, six months after a kitchen fire caused extensive damage to the venue. The renovation of the facility included new carpeting, a larger sushi bar, and a bigger assortment of raw ingredients – meats, vegetables, noodles – for patrons to customize bowls of grilled hibachi meals.

The restaurant’s reopening was evidently long-awaited; customers have been filling the wildly decorated dining room faster than they can fill up their plates with General Tso’s chicken, Szechuan chicken, fried rice and KC strip pie. Kansas City strip pie, for the record, is a long, savory, baked pastry filled with beef chunks, cheese and peppers. It’s one of the half-dozen or so American dishes on the buffet (including roast beef, barbecue chicken and ribs, roasted potatoes…and Jell-O cubes).

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