Josiah Wolf

You can almost hear Josiah Wolf’s shoes scuffling against the pavement as he delivers his downcast full-length debut, Jet Lag. The dissolution of an 11-year relationship casts a pall over every inch of the album. One hears echoes of his brother Yoni’s band, Why (in which Josiah plays drums), as well as the misanthropic shuffle of artists such as Lou Barlow, early Mountain Goats and Eels. Josiah Wolf’s hushed, high-pitched speak-sing recalls Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan and the Silver Jews’ David Berman. The music is draped in strumming guitars, lilting keys and vibraphone — all played by Wolf — that construct a melancholic, beautiful backdrop for his overflowing sadness. Despite its fatalistic gloom (Everything that flowers soon will end), the bittersweet glow is surprisingly inviting.

Categories: Music