Josh Eans hosts ramen dinner at Happy Gillis on Thursday

The actual opening of the Columbus Park Ramen Shop is several months in the future — construction is due to begin on the garage behind Josh and Abbey-Jo Eans’ restaurant, Happy Gillis Cafe & Hangout, at 549 Gillis, in two weeks — but Josh Eans is still hosting preview beer dinners.

This Thursday, June 11, Eans opens Happy Gillis — which usually closes at 3 p.m. —  for dinner service at 6 p.m. This ramen-and-beer dinner features brews from Oskar Blues Brewing Company; this event will also be reservation-only so that Eans can stagger seatings through the evening. The reservation number is 816-471-3663.

The $33 meal — which does not include tax or gratuity — features three cans of beer, an appetizer, a bowl of ramen, and a dessert.

“For this event, I’m planning to serve ramen noodles with a clear broth made with chicken and dashi,” Eans says.

Dashi is a Japanese stock traditionally prepared with dried kombu and katsuobushi.

Eans says his wife, Abbey-Jo, plans toi serve a Japanese-style ice cream sundae for dessert.

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