Jolie Justus is plugged in

I’m really impressed with how plugged-in Missouri state Sen. Jolie Justus is. Not only does Justus blog about the legislative session, she also checks in via Facebook and Twitter throughout the day.

It helps constituents like me keep tabs on what’s happening in Jeff City, which isn’t so easy in KC.

Yesterday on Facebook, Justus kept us posted on discussions about adding nooses to an existing cross-burning law, and debates on animal rustling. But she really caught my attention with this one: “Now we switch to porn. Proposed bills would regulate location, operating hours and touching at adult clubs.” I didn’t realize Sen. Matt Bartle was back after the local porn industry. This time, Bartle has an ideological brother in Sen. Jack Goodman. The Senate Judiciary heard Bartle’s and Goodman’s identical bills. They didn’t take a vote. That’ll probably happen next week, I’m told.

Thanks to Sen. Justus, I’ll know what’s up.

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