Johnny Dare Morning Show 15th Anniversary Bash, August 1 at the River Market.


Hot and heavy was the name of the game at the Johnny Dare Morning Show 15th Anniversary Bash put on by 98.9 the Rock on Friday and not in a good way. The sweat rolling off the crowd of 10,000 plus people could be measured in swimming pools and the heavy stench of B.O. mixed with port-o-potty funk drifted over the City Market’s cramped quarters. But despite the less-than-favorable conditions of the venue, the actual show was impressive. The bands performing were different enough from each other that the show stayed interesting, offering an excellent distraction the gargantuan shirtless man next to you, throwing his fist high into the air, thrusting a moist armpit inches from your face with each excited pump. Take my word for it — damp, rock-loving behemoths were abundant.

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