John Danforth endorses another un-Danforthian Republican

John Danforth is a man of two minds.

  • John Danforth is a man of two minds.

John Danforth, the former U.S. senator from Missouri, leads two lives: statesman and partisan hack.

Danforth the statesman criticizes the Republican Party for catering to the religious right. Danforth the partisan hack endorsed Jim Talent, whose voting record the Christian Coalition graded at 100 percent, in a 2006 U.S. Senate race.

Danforth the statesman feels that judges should interpret the law, not legislate. Danforth the partisan hack continues to defend Clarence Thomas, a former protégé and the U.S. Supreme Court justice most likely to strike down a law passed by Congress, according to a 2005 Yale study.

Danforth the statesman thinks the tea party movement is pushing the Republican Party to a point “beyond redemption.” Danforth the partisan hack recently endorsed Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a tea party-aligned conservative who is running for governor.

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