Joetown Rocks

(A Musical Travel Adventure Odyssey/Report by Crystal K. Wiebe)

Last weekend, I took a break from KC to check out another nearby scene. St. Joseph, Missouri, is where Jesse James got shot and the last place I lived before KC. At least two new music venues, the Scallywag and Magoon’s, have sprouted there since I moved a few months ago. I had to see them.

The Scallywag

On the way north, a mohawk on the side of the interstate caught our attention. “That’s my friend CJ!” my bofriend RL exclaimed. “His band is playing tonight!” We wheeled around at the next exit to see if we could help the punk guitarist for American Youth Report, an old school punk band with members from St. Joe and KC. It was almost 6 p.m., an hour before the band was supposed to play, and CJ was stranded outside Platte City with a blown out rear tire. We took him to Wal-Mart for repairs, and the Scallywag owner (who also conveniently happens to play in American Youth Report) moved back the set times, so the kids didn’t have to miss out on any rock.

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