JoCo animal rights activists protest DeSoto butcher

Animal rights activist Jason Miller spent Saturday afternoon carrying around a pig’s head he dubbed “Wilbur.” It was part of the Bite Club of KC’s latest publicity stunt was surprisingly bloodless. Miller and company were protesting outside of Steve’s Meat

Market in DeSoto, Kansas, which received nearly $20,000 from Johnson County to butcher the deer

carcasses from the cull in Shawnee Mission Park and prepare the

meat for needy families.

Miller has posted a couple of videos of the protest on YouTube as well as Bite Club’s blog. In the first one, Miller explains the reason for the protest and talks about a martyred animal rights activist.

In the second video (after the jump), Miller yells into his megaphone like Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart and leaves a passerby asking what he’s supposed to eat instead of meat. Oh, and JoCo Sheriff’s deputies patrol the area.

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