JD McPherson is at Knuckleheads tonight

When rockabilly hero JD McPherson rolls into Knuckleheads on Tuesday night, he will be two days shy of the two-year anniversary of the release of his debut record, Signs and Signifiers. There are no rumors of new material, probably because since Signs, McPherson has been on the road tirelessly.

And his live show is a thing to behold: McPherson, a rock-and-roll purist, lives for the stage, and his shows are riotous affairs that have the same raw energy you hear on “Firebug,” the 1950s-era hit single that first put McPherson on the radio. Live, he’s joined by an excellent backing band that includes Doug Corcoran on saxophone and Jimmy Sutton on bass. Crack open the pomade and polish your dancing boots. 

Details here

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