JCCC fashion students’ work to shine in a virtual show

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Photo courtesy Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College students are showing how they have thrived during an unpredictable year in the Resilience 2021 Student Fashion Show.

The show will feature original designs created by students in JCCC’s Apparel Design and Technology program. Among those students are Cole Heard and Nuha Ahmad. Their garments reflect their perspective on individual cultural experiences.

Heard’s collection is inspired by the silhouettes and emotions felt from the Orchid flower which “reminds [me] of home” in South Africa.

A nomadic group of people living in Jordan, known as Bedouins, influenced Ahmad’s designs. Simple clothing and color schemes with complex accessories shine in her streetwear collection that she says was made to squash misconceptions many people have about Arab culture.

With more than 70% of fashion classes moved online last year, this event has encouraged the students to think outside the box.

Last year’s show was cancelled, marking the first time in 50 years that the show has not gone forward with a live audience.


Photo courtesy Johnson County Community College

JCCC’s fashion program is emphasizing sustainability because it is more important than ever for brands to control fast fashion and other textile waste. Approximately 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions come from the fashion industry.

Wastewater from clothing factories is dumped directly into rivers and microfibers pollute the water every time common fabrics are washed.

New upcoming designers, such as these talented JCCC students, can revolutionize fashion and influence communities to preserve the earth.

The show is being taped in advance at the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the video can be viewed from 12 p.m. April 23 — 12 p.m. on May 6.

Tickets are $15 per household and can be purchased here. All ticket proceeds go to funding scholarships for Fashion Merchandising and Design students.

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