Jazz Beat: Ryan Thielman Trio and Quartet

Christmas, libations and live jazz meet this weekend at Green Lady Lounge. The red-draped club opens both Christmas Eve and December 25, with trumpeter Ryan Thielman leading a trio and quartets. At 6 p.m. on December 24, he’s joined by Everett Freeman on organ and DeAndre Manning on bass. Freeman (on piano) and Manning make up half of the Jazz Disciples each month at the Blue Room. At 9:30, the ensemble grows into a quartet with the addition of saxophonist Steve Lambert. Thielman and Lambert led the Foundation 627 Big Band, and each blows with a distinctive musical voice that knowingly complements the other. On the holiday proper, Thielman, Lambert and Freeman add drummer Tyree Johnson for a mix of Christmas standards, jazz favorites and original compositions.

Ryan Thielman Trio and Quartet

December 24 and 25 at Green Lady Lounge, 1809 Grand (free)