Jason Whitlock weighs in on Joe Posnanski’s “Paterno”

  • Jason Whitlock is not a fan of Joe Posnanski’s book.

The reaction to former Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski’s hefty biography of deceased and disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno has been mostly bad. Before the book was released, Posnanski was widely seen as an outstanding sports columnist and journalist, who left The Star to write for Sports Illustrated. But the reviews of Paterno make it sound as if Posnanski was being fed prose word-for-word from the subject in order to leave his legacy untarnished by the Jerry Sandusky case.

This 3,000-word review behemoth in The Atlantic lays out why most critics take issue with the book: Posnanski, who was given plenty of access to Paterno, could have been the first reporter to rough up the coach over when he knew Sandusky was preying on children in Happy Valley.

Yesterday, Kansas City’s old friend and Posnanski’s former co-worker at The Star, Jason Whitlock, unleashed his review of Paterno. Whitlock’s column makes it hard to tell if he despises the book or the author more.

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