Jason Whitlock wants you all to know he’s responsible for Nick Wright’s ratings win

Kansas City’s media watchers all have a take on why Nick Wright’s ratings have improved this summer. Detractors say he’s riding the temporary swell of Royals’ games to a few fractions of a point’s lead in a small, yet significant, demographic. Fans say rival and longtime rating’s champ Kevin Kietzman’s show has become stale and predictable. Real journalists, however, look beyond the conventional wisdom of either side to get to the truth. To that end, Fox Sports scribe Jason Whitlock would like to know why we aren’t paying attention to the contributions of Jason Whitlock.

“All it took was two phone calls in June for a shocking radio ratings upset in KC,” Whitlock tweeted on Friday. Then, to be sure no one missed it, he tweeted later that day, “Two phone calls and radio ratings are upside down in KC.”

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