Jason Whitlock has some marital advice for you

Noted fitness expert, master gardener,  “Strange Tang” authority and Fox Sports/Kansas City Star columnist Jason Whitlock advocates for new marriage laws in his latest Fox Sports column.

Whitlock’s Tiger Woods defense shields are up as he rips various sportswriters for pushing Phil Mickelson as the anti-Tiger and warns that Lefty is just being set up for a fall with bloodthirsty tabloids TMZ and the National Enquirer always circling.

Then Whitlock wonders why we can’t “have a mature discussion with kids about relationships.” You mean like putting a dollar figure on when a man should be allowed to have an affair? For starters, why not set an age restriction on marriage. Whitlock writes:

Marriage should be illegal for men until age 35 and women until age 27. You could solve the majority of the world’s problems if we stopped (or even slowed) young people from marrying and reproducing.

Who would have guessed that Whitlock would be preaching abstinence until marriage?

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