Jason Whitlock, former Kansas City Star flamethrower, back with ESPN

  • Whitlock is back at ESPN

Jason Whitlock is back on sports media’s tallest pedestal with a flashy new gig at ESPN.

The Big Lead has the news, which Whitlock’s most recent employer Fox Sports subsequently confirmed.

Whitlock blew out of ESPN in 2006 after going on record with the Big Lead criticizing the network; he wrote for ESPN.com’s old Page 2 feature but didn’t feel like the editors there respected his work enough.

Of course, Whitlock probably isn’t missed by upper management at The Kansas City Star after he left the local paper of record under similarly fiery circumstances.

Whitlock’s column disappeared from the pages of the Star for weeks before he went on local radio to put various editors over at The Starr on blast, particularly editor Mike Fannin for his alleged propensity for smooching up on co-workers at the Caddyshack Bar near Columbus Park.

Whitlock hasn’t been any easier on his current employer, ESPN, in recent years. Whitlock has penned a number of columns accusing ESPN and its reporter Mark Schwarz for their handling of sex-abuse allegations leveled against former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach, Bernie Fine.

But now that ESPN’s paying him, that’s ESPN’s problem.

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