Jaenki, Young Boss, Damned by the Pope, and more must-see local music videos

Much has been made of the dumpster fire of 2016, but in terms of local videos, the year went out on one hell of a high note. In addition to the debut of indie act Jaenki, there’s live footage from the likes of folk-punk duo Destroy Nate Allen and death-metal act Damned by the Pope, as well as hip-hop from Young Boss and quite a few other gems.

Jaenki, “Miracle Maze”

December 12

Directed by the incomparable Jill Gevargizian, aka Jill Sixx, the video for Jaenki’s first single from its self-titled debut EP is gorgeous for as simple as it is. Those Edison bulbs might be hipster as hell, but put them in a stone-foundation basement with an indie band, and things look impressively pretty. No clue when the new act’s EP drops, but the band — which features Ryan Wallace (Heroes + Villains), Drew Little (Vedera), Kenn Jankowski (the Republic Tigers) and Rachel Mallin (Rachel Mallin & the Wild Type) — has a robust online presence, so you’ll know the instant it’s out.

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Destroy Nate Allen, “Vegetables”

December 19

For this video, Destroy Nate Allen handed crowds at multiple shows a video camera and asked for a volunteer dance leader, and then things happened. This song, from the pair’s With Our Powers Combined, features Gnarboots, and is absolutely infectious. The pair of Tessa and Nate Allen just had themselves a baby, and thus life got in the way of this video coming out sooner. It’s pretty dandy, though, and you really should just join in wherever you’re watching.

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Kansas City Bear Fighters, “All Hail The Dark Lord”

December 19

The Kansas City Bear Fighters’ new album, Men of Leisure, came out via Little Class Records back on Halloween, but consider this video for “All Hail the Dark Lord” more of a Christmas present. Directed, filmed and edited by Rob Fulton, it shows a lazy, laconic game of basketball while drinking some tallboys. Pretend it’s still warm outside and feel the southern breeze across your cheeks.

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Young Boss, “Hercules”

December 19

Any video that starts out with three adorable little girls dancing to Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall’s “Juju on That Beat” has us in from the start, but Young Boss’ new jam, “Hercules,” is just as catchy. The latest single from the Kansas City rapper follows up “You Hear Me Baby,” the first cut from his Kansas City project, and it’s even stronger. Get on it.

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Godzillionaire, “Avalanche”

December 22

More badass rock and roll courtesy of Lawrence’s heavy space-rock quartet Godzillionaire. This is the second video from the band’s new album, Small Change, and it’s a pretty simple concept. The band bills it as a “homespun video spinning from home,” but it’s effective, and damned if that speeded-up footage doesn’t match the throb and blast of the track.

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Damned By The Pope, Live at White House Xmas

December 24

There were quite a few other acts at the White House Christmas show on December 23, but this cut from KC death-metal quintet Damned by the Pope has the best audio quality. Plus, it has hair twirling and blast beats, and that’s really what the holiday season’s all about, isn’t it? Seriously, though, solid tunes from the band, and you can check out all the other acts at YouTube user MushuXPufi’s page.

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Fally Afani, “Just A Sec: 2016”

January 1

The third annual roundup from Lawrence photographer, videographer and writer Fally Afani. In addition to her site, I Heart Local Music, Afani puts out an annual video, wherein she compiles one second of footage from each day of the year. You’ll see walking, her daughter, her husband and,. obviously, bands galore. Just a few of the bands featured: Radkey, the Vedettes, La Guerre, Ultimate Fakebook and Gnarly Davidson, among many, many others. Gorgeous GoPro visuals paired with lovely music by Brian Kupillas of Wandering Lake — what a way to kick off the year.

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