Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker will lead the reopening of the Maryville rape case

  • On the case: Baker.

A circuit judge in Northwest Missouri yesterday appointed Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker to head up the formal reassessment of the allegations in the Maryville rape case.

“I know this case has raised a variety of concerns,” Baker said in a news conference Monday. “So please know this: This case will be thoroughly reviewed. Our review will be without fear and without fail. I can assure you that politics, connections or any other reason you can think of will not play a role in our review of this case. It will be the evidence as it is in every case that we review.”

Baker said she will begin the review immediately. In related news, Anonymous and the organizers of the Justice for Daisy Facebook page have organized a joint rally for Coleman that will be held this evening (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. at the Nodaway County Courthouse, in Maryville.

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