Jack Wu, Kansas School Board candidate, attends Westboro Baptist Church, ascribes evolution to Satan

  • Jack Wu wants to get evolution out of the classroom.

The race for the Kansas Board of Education in the 4th District is about to get very interesting. The Associated Press reported that Jack Wu, who attends the Westboro Baptist Church and believes that evolution is “Satanic lies,” has filed to run as a Republican against Democratic incumbent Carolyn Wims-Campbell.

Campbell is on record that evolution should be taught in public school and is seeking her second four-year term on the Kansas Board of Education. Prior to that, she served 12 years on the Topeka Board of Education. This is the second time Wu has run for office. In 2010, he ran for as a Republican for a Kansas House seat in Topeka. When asked about his affiliation with the Westboro Baptist Church, Wu told the Associated Press that his decision to run for the school board was unrelated to the church.

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