Jack Cashill wants to pen a folk song for accused killer Scott Roeder

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Ever since Scott Roeder allegedly killed abortion doctor George Tiller, the liberal elite have been wringing their hands, and prissy media types have been mincing about. Oh, no — what’s going to happen during the trial?

God, you people are such babies. In the good old days — the days of men and sweat and the hot steel of justice — we knew who the bad guys were. Whiners like you — with your due process and “trial by peers” — please. Is there an emoticon for tilting and farting? Because that’s what smart people do every time you lefties start going on. You really believe you know more about justice than Toby Keith?

You whimps ought to read Jack Cashill‘s latest column for WorldNetDaily. Cashill tells us what we should be doing about Roeder. God, it’s so obvious! We should be writing folk songs!

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