It’s probably best to avoid much contact with Missouri’s feral hog population right now

Day four of “Panico 09!” is upon us, and everybody is treating anything having to do with hogs or pigs as un-kosher. So this is as good a time as any to offer good lifetime advice: Avoid Missouri’s feral hogs!

Yes, Missouri has a small but stout population of wild pigs, just roaming around and waiting to infect city folk with their terrible swine flu. OK, that’s not true. Every single case of swine flu in America came from other human beings, not pigs, and there is a very good chance that none of Missouri’s feral hog populations carries the respiratory disease. (It’s never been detected in the state.) But it’s still not a good idea to get buddy-buddy with a feral hog.

Apparently, this has been such a problem historically that the state government made a video explaining why feral hogs are bad.

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