Is this what the U.S. has come to? Dijongate?

Lots of people buy burgers every week without creating a controversy. It’s hard to see how you could create controversy by ordering a burger. But Barack Obama has managed to.

First people griped that he ordered his Hell Burger medium-well. But now there’s a true outcry because he ordered mustard on the hamburger he got with Joe Biden last week.

Did you hear what he said? He didn’t ask for Joe-everyman-yellow-mustard. No he asked for dijon mustard and as everybody knows dijon mustard is elitist!

Yes, Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson is busily tracking what he calls “Dijongate” and has posted several videos of the president ordering his fancy-nancy bourgeoisie mustard.

Where some of us might interpret this as showing that Obama has good taste in mustard, Jacobson says, “dijon mustard on a Hell Burger had a very John Kerry-ish quality about it.”

This blog doesn’t cover politics but it does cover mustard — and that yellow bottle of French’s goo is hardly a mustard. The only one who should be offended is the Hell Burger, since a strong dijon just covers up the true flavors of the meat.

I understand criticism of the president is natural and even healthy. But picking on his love for dijon — that doesn’t pass the mustard.

If you have a couple of extra hours today check out the comment flame war that has erupted on Jacobson’s blog. One person has called this Obama’s attempt “to run socialism in through the back door,” while others are hoping it’s all a joke.

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