Journey’s 2006 shed tour skips Kansas City this summer, leaving Indira‘s Joel Friday as the only Steve Perry approximation on the local concert calendar. At a recent Bottleneck show, Friday faithfully wailed “Don’t Stop Believing,” his vocal range standing out on a bill stocked with gut-punched grunters. Friday showcases his pipes during the group’s originals as well, belting out choruses with melodic conviction. Formed in 2003 as a hardcore-leaning outfit, Indira weathered an eight-month hiatus last year. Though more accessible than its original incarnation, Indira remains aggressive during its heavier segments, with Friday shouting in tandem with dual-guitar breakdowns. As for Indira’s ’80s covers, Friday suggests that the band might detour into the danger zone: “Who wouldn’t love a Kenny Loggins medley?”

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