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High on 5: Dear editor — or is that “Manufacturing Director for Pitch-brand Propaganda”? I was quite distressed to read your KC Strip article knocking KCTV Channel 5 for finally digging into the corruption pervasive in the Independence city government (April 27).

What you don’t understand is that this town has been this way for years, harboring rogue policemen and basically looking the other way even when the law was broken by the highest officials. These people are so entrenched in their political nests that they are now arrogant and disdainful of the people, which in turn shows up in other branches of city government.

There was a time when the media would shine the harsh spotlight of reality on government misconduct, but now you’re simply lapdogs instead of watchdogs. What you should do, instead of knocking Channel 5 for finally and occasionally doing their job, is go find your own source of corruption, expose it, call for change and scoop them instead of being jealous that they got the drop on you.

Then again, I doubt you even want to hear this, because you’re more interested in how you can endorse frauds, wastes and abuses by the very government to which you’re supposed to be the so-called fourth estate.

Prove me wrong by publishing this.

Foster Christensen

The Legacy Lives On

Every day is MLK Day: Because I have so much material to read, I am just now getting around to reading C.J. Janovy’s “She’s No Martin” (January 26).

I’m very pleased she wrote what she did. I, too, am a little tired of white folk, black folk, purple, green and yellow folk capitalizing, grandstanding, patting each other on the back and paying homage to one another on a day that has much greater significance. I’m also a little tired of people, especially white people, comparing whatever problem they are having with that of Dr. King. White people don’t have a clue what black folk go through on a daily basis. The list is long. For Katheryn Shields to have gotten up on the pulpit of a black church and compared her dilemma to Dr. King was blasphemous; that was neither the time nor the place for such a thing. I think she was looking for sympathy and votes for the next election. I’m surprised someone did not tell her to check herself. This is really where our black “dignitaries” (who never know when to do the right thing) should have stepped up, but, of course, no one wants to ruffle any feathers, because it might cost them in some way. Shields can hardly compare being spat on, cursed at, jailed or being stabbed by a crazed woman to being spied on. At least she is still alive and kicking.

The kinds of things that went on and have gone on at the MLK celebration for years are the very reasons I don’t attend. I don’t want to see Cleaver, Thompson, Shields, McCaskell, O’Neil or anyone else smelling themselves showboating for their and their buddies’ benefit.

Thank you again for the piece and the opportunity to express my views in a free and open forum.

DeLana Sattarin
Kansas City, Missouri

Buyers Beware

Junk in the trunk: Regarding Nadia Pflaum’s “Wreck Broker” (May 4): I also purchased a used ’87 Aerostar van from “Hi, Folks” Bob. After the front speakers went out and I went to replace them, I discovered that the entire under-dash compartment was completely filled with the remains of a previously shattered windshield. I also went through two transmissions in a year. I suspected the van was a rebuilt wreck and sold it immediately, but I failed to seek a lawyer, knowing it would not remove him from doing business.

The city of Blue Springs should revoke his business license. I, too, have heard many bad stories against his practices. I will never do business with them again.

I now drive a Chevy.

Bob Fasl
Blue Springs

Time Out

Behaving like children: In response to your article about 30 Minute Recess (Jason Harper’s “Play On,” April 27), I would like to convey my disappointment. These hacks aren’t benefiting the Kansas City music scene any more than Fred Phelps is benefiting the gay-rights movement. I’ve seen 30 Minute Recess play. It didn’t move me in any way, except to give me spasms from the incredible amount of embarrassment-induced cringes with which I was involuntarily stricken. Music that is bad is just plain bad, no matter how much irony you inject into it. And, while they are inarguably very handsome and charming, they are all mediocre musicians at best. So, shame on you for printing this article. Indie rock will never die!

Name withheld by request
Kansas City, Missouri

Corrections: Last week’s KC Strip incorrectly identified a reporter for KMBC Channel 9; the reporter was Chris Nagus.

The May 4 “This Week We Love” column misspelled Ryan Allen Carrillo’s name. We regret the error, and we still love Ryan — no matter how many R’s he has in his last name.

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