Incoming: Snoop Dogg at Voodoo Lounge, November 6

If there’s one thing you can be 100% guaranteed to hear at the Snoop Dogg show at Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge on November 6, it’s “Who here likes to smoke weed?”

Other likely queries and statements:

“Y’all like gettin’ high?”

“Anyone like that sticky-icky-icky?”

“I’m high as fuck.”

This is all pretty much a given when you’re at a Snoop Dogg concert. Add into the equation the pairing of Method Man and Redman (who made a movie wherein they played pot dealers called How High), as well as Devin the Dude (who released an album entitled Waitin’ to Inhale) — oh, and the fact that the tour is called “Wonderland High” — and I would actually be more surprised if somebody was at this show and wasn’t high.

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