Incoming: Off With Their Heads at the Replay, September 10

Being as how I missed Off With Their Heads when they came through all the way back in December at Club Mustache, I am bouncing up and down in my chair as I realize that I not only finally get to see Minneapolis’ finest (yeah, yeah… after Dillinger Four), I get to see them a ten-minute bike ride from my house.

From the Bottom made half of the punk rock “Best of” lists last year, and for good reason. The guitars are crunchy, the vocals are gruff, there’s some melody to carry things along…but really, it’s like D4 if Paddy sang every song. The lyrics are fucking bleak — it’s like being stuck in a Northern winter for twelve tracks. I enjoyed the shit out of it, and pretty much every split they’ve put out (Lemuria, the Dukes of Hillsborough, et al) has been stellar, as well.

Off With Their Heads brings their take on Twin Cities punk rock to the Replay on September 10, with Lawrence prairie punks KTP opening. I know I tend to go a tad overboard when it comes to getting excited about upcoming shows, but this has got me spazzed like crazy.

MP3: Off With Their Heads, “For the Four”

MP3: Off With Their Heads, “Janie”

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