Incoming: Newt Gingrich @ the Dole Institute, Candace Gingrich @ UMKC

Mr. Contract with America Newt Gingrich is in Kansas today and tonight, speaking at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics on the University of Kansas’ campus.

His 7:30 p.m. speech is called “Tripartisan Solutions for the 21st Century.” Afterward, you can ask the former Speaker of the House a whole bunch of questions.

Newt isn’t the only Gingrich making an appearance in the area.

His sister, Candace Gingrich, is slated to give the keynote address at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Pride celebration next Wednesday (November 11).

Candace Gingrich’s talk, “The Accidental Activist: A Personal & Political Journey,” is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Pierson Auditorium in the University Center.

Here’s a 14-year-old New York Times story about Newt and Candace’s relationship. Hopefully, they talk more now. I get the feeling they don’t.

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