Incoming @ Midland by AMC: Volta, Sedaris

Tickets for two incoming Midland — and completely different — shows go on sale this Friday, July 31, at 10 a.m. But chances are, if you’re an NPR listener, you’ll be down for either.

Who: The Mars Volta

When: September 14

Whither NPR?: Now you, NPR listener aged 35+, might think you’re too old for this, but let’s look at the ingredients: long Santana breakdowns with a Steve Perry howler on vocals and plenty of ’70s prog and Sun Ra stylings and nonsensical album titles like Defibrillated at the Spaghettitorium. Sound like your high school rock wet dream? No? Oh, then you must be female. Still, the group does have an NPR artist page.

Who: David Sedaris

When: October 21

Whither NPR? Well, doy. “NPR Humorist” is part of Sedaris’ job title. From the early days of The Santaland Diaries to his latest collection of essays, When You Are Engulfed in Flames, Sedaris has been a regular contributor to programs on the world-dominating public radio system, especially This American Life.

I would say that you could draw an age line between these shows, but it’s not that easy. There are gonna be plenty of tight-jeans-clad hipster-oldsters rocking out at Volta, and probably even more 24-year-old hipster-spinsters peering out from behind horn-rimmed glasses and cackling at Sedaris. Why even bother analyzing these artists’ audiences? Can’t people just enjoy what they want without being indirectly hassled by some blogger? Answer: Because I need verbiage to fill up space along the right gutter next to the Sedaris photo. Also, it enables me to make a really long list of tags.

Kim Noble would understand.

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