Incoming: KJHK Presents Free Hawk Week Concert

KU’s student-run radio station (and my former employer), KJHK 90.7FM, welcomes new students to KU with a free concert on August 16 in front of the Kansas Union on the KU campus. Incoming freshmen and transfer students will enjoy the complimentary performances of freak-out rockers for a new tomorrow Ad Astra Arkestra, the lady-fronted dance punk of Coat Party, hip-hop duo Def Ear, and spinning from KJHK DJs Peter Adany and Alex Bergin. This show is part of the University of Kansas’ Hawk Week activities, which welcome new and returning students to the University.

This is the second year KJHK has sponsored live bands for KU’s beginning of the school year festivities. Last year, the show featured performances from Ad Astra Per Aspera, the Spook Lights, and Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk.

Now, I know the show is officially for KU students. However, having helped organize this sucker last year, I can assure you that it’s just a matter of parking down by the stadium (or in the parking garage) and walking over. It’s pretty easy. Three free bands, a Sunday night, and they’ll be over in time for you to be back in KC before the news. There may also be hot dogs, pop to drink, and/or funnel cake, but I make no promises.

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