Incoming: Deer Tick and Those Darlins

Raspy folk rockers Deer Tick are stopping by the Jackpot in Lawrence on April 11, accompanied by saucy garage-country girl group Those Darlins. You’ll remember Deer Tick from Jenny Lewis’ show last summer, where frontman John McCauley delivered howling renditions of his tight, whiskey-soaked alt-country tunes. Those Darlins’ sassy-but-sweet lo-fi twang took the stage when King Khan and BBQ bailed in November, filling the Jackpot with their girly rockabilly garage rock. Expect great things from this duo in April; we sure as hell wouldn’t miss it.

Those Darlins at the Jackpot 11/13/09 from Nick Spacek on Vimeo.

(Via Spin)

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