Incoming: Captured! By Robots at the Brick, October 10

On October 10, your favorite enslaved human, JBOT, returns to town with GTRBOT666, DRMBOT 0110, The Ape Which Hath No Name, Son Of Ape Which Hath No Name, AUTOMATOM, and the Headless Hornsmen. Yep — Captured! By Robots is back on tour!

In years past, there have been shows devoted to The Ten Commandments, wedding songs, the Bush administration, getting fit, and the usual songs about being enslaved by robots in their attempt to take over the human race. This go around, JBOT is hoping to help you get out of your economically-induced funk.

The last couple of years have brought hardship and depression for many people, a reality that JBOT is acutely aware of. JBOT has been through many of his own trials and tribulations — trying to keep a band of robots going for 12 years, dealing with daily breakdowns and complications, and most recently being hit by a car. But through it all, he has managed to overcome his adversities with gusto, and so can you! Let JBOT and the robots help you to become a success in whatever your dreams may be.

For JBOT, this is a calling; as a life coach he will be a problem solver, imparting his unique perspective with custom-tailored solutions for each individual’s needs.

“Let’s face facts, people,” enthuses JBOT. “Times are tough these days…Have you lost your job, lost your home, or lost your way? Are you sick and tired of being down in the dumps? Do you need some inspiration to help you get back on track? Are you ready for Success? It’s ready for you!”

Along with JBOT’s words of wisdom, the set will feature well-known songs that will inspire and uplift his followers.

Go see this at the Brick on October 10. It’ll be the best ten bucks you’ll spend on a show all year. Robots playing instruments, a dude in a mask singing, and an opening band named Drop A Grand with the most enigmatic MySpace page I’ve ever seen. There are tiger masks involved.

MP3: Captured! By Robots, “Born the U.S.A.” (live)

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