In our new hellworld, BBQ comes from vending machines

Vendign Machine

Jones Bar-B-Q vending machine. // Photo courtesy Jones Bar-B-Q

Jones Bar-B-Q has opened a vending machine for distributing BBQ. No, I didn’t expect to ever live in a world with meat machines, but here we are.

At least it’s one of our favorite meat destinations in town. Anything that allows me access to that burnt-ends sandwich is a welcome release in our coronavirus times. I’m in danger of violating stay-at-home order. But at least it’s for essential business. Jones is “essential”, right?

The owners, Deborah and Mary Jones, launched the vending machine after receiving many requests from fans that wanted to purchase Jones barbecue after store hours.

“Our customers kept telling us they want to buy products in the evening, and we’ll do anything to make our customers happy,” said Deborah Jones, owner and pitmaster of Jones Bar-B-Q. “This allows our customers to enjoy our delicious barbecue during hours that our store is not open.”

The temperature-controlled vending machine is stocked daily and includes Jones’ top-selling items for customers to conveniently purchase including:

• Chicken Wings with side ($4)
• Beef Sandwich with side ($7)
• Ham Sandwich with side ($7)
• Turkey Sandwich with side ($7)
• Rib Tips Sandwich with side ($7.50)
• Combo Sandwich with side ($7.50)
• Burnt Ends Sandwich with side ($7.50)

The vending machine will also include its signature sides and bottled sauce ($6) available for purchase.

This is decidedly a better delivery system than putting the chicken wings in one of those claw machines.

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