Imbibe a little

Hey booze lovers. There are some happenings around town you may be interested in.

First, ODV Social Club has its monthly meet-and- greet tonight at Czar Bar from 6 to 8 p.m. ODV is open to any lover of wine, no matter the level of expertise, experience or budget. In addition to meeting lots of people, you also get to sample four really good wines with a full glass of your favorite plus a smattering of appetizers. For extra entertainment, Bryan Hicks and his jazz quartet serenades the audience from 6 to 9. Tickets are $25 at the door (cash/check only) or $21 in advance on the group’s Web site.

Also, this weekend is packed with activities for beer lovers. Former Miller Brewer Jim Quinn leads a class at McCoy’s on different beer styles and brewing methods. Quinn, whose motto is “think global, drink local,” takes the class over to sister bar The Foundry to talk about some of these global styles. It’s part of UMKC’s Communiversity Program which allows non-students to take classes. But you need to sign up for it through UMKC’s Web site. The class costs $19, which includes beer.

In more beer news, every local home brewer worth his wort is going to be 15 minutes outside the city in Basehor, Kansas, this Friday night and Saturday, where Michelle Myer’s wonderful Holy-field Winery hosts the 26th Annual Regional Homebrew Contest. It’s too late to enter but Dan from Gone Mild promises it’s fun to watch. Also, when competitions are desperate for judges they let novices help. This homebrew contest is too big for that but you could always cross your fingers and hope. 

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