IHOP’s leader envisions ‘100 foot’ snakes falling to earth during Satan’s war with Michael the archangel

Lots of fun in the Sunday Star‘s International House of Prayer story.

IHOP founder Mike Bickle has heard God’s voice a couple of times (meh, who hasn’t?) and he sees visions of shit straight off the cover of a Dio album.

In a recent post about a prophetic dream about war between Satan and Michael the archangel, Bickle wrote that he saw “large snakes, over 100 feet long and 50 feet thick, each having a huge head that looked like a dragon, and many of them were coming from the sky down to the earth.”

Rock on, holy diver.

Bickle knows a lot of people think he’s running a cult out in Grandview. But don’t worry. He says you’ve got him all wrong. They’re no cult. Just a loving ministry that’s convinced about 80 families to move to Grandview, Missouri — America’s eighth fastest dying town.

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