‘I just got back from Ike Skelton’s office and lemme tell ya’

A new book written by Missouri Senator and inveterate head tilter Kit Bond held Jon Stewart‘s interest for three-and-a-half minutes before the Daily Show host moved on to a more interesting subject.

Yesterday Bond sat across the table from Stewart to discuss the tome he’s written with former Time reporter Lewis Simons, The Next Front: Southeast Asia and the Road to Global Peace With Islam. Bond advocates the use of “smart power,” which sounds a little like the foreign-policy equivalent of saying you’re a social liberal and a fiscal conservative.

In the edited interview, Bond talked about terrorism and nation building before Stewart shifted the discussion to health care. The two giggled about the lower house of Congress’ scruffier elements. Stewart compared the U.S. House to the Delta Tau Chi fraternity house immortalized in Animal House.

“I went to Washington 23 years ago thinking I didn’t understand the House of Representatives,” Bond quipped. “Now I know I don’t.”

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